About Us


Coach Matty Klein

Coach Matty Klein here. I was a tennis coach for over 10 years with 42 years of competitive tennis experience. I was trained by the number one Pickleball coach in the world, Coach Mo. After two and a half years of weekly clinics and lessons under Coach Mo, I was asked to take over and carry on our way of Pickleball teaching known as "Percentage Pickleball". 

Eight years later, I am teaching professionally in a sport that has changed my life. I am a Level 2 IPTPA and PPR Certified Pro and have taught over 580 clinics, 17,000 students in 25 states with my wife, Coach Meishen Chang. Along with clinics and private sessions, I have taught on 4 cruises in 4 countries. My wife and I both currently teach at an indoor facility just outside the Villages Florida where we reside. 

I have been fortunate enough to represent and be sponsored by Selkirk Sports for the past 2 years, showcased in a book called "Pickleball A-Z" and made the "Percentage Pickleball 2" video with Coach Mo. I absolutely love to teach the most addictive social sport in history. Enjoy, it’s only a game!


Coach Meishen Chang

Hello! I’m Coach Meishen Chang. I am currently a yoga teacher and a Level 1 IPTPA and PPR Certified Pro. I have been a Pickleball professional for over 4 years and was trained by my husband, Coach Matty to teach "Percentage Pickleball".

I am a 5.0 rated player that loves playing and teaching Pickleball. My specialty is footwork and blocking the hard bang shots from the high volume of out of control bangers. I teach how to block every shot to the toes, causing the bangers to hit up on the ball. 

Like my husband, I have been fortunate enough to represent and be sponsored by my favorite Pickleball company, Selkirk Sports for the last 2 years. I feel honored to play and teach a sport that I love so much. I only hope to inspire others to enjoy Pickleball through my love for this game. As we both say, "Enjoy, it’s only a game!"